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Here you can find our most frequently asked questions! If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!



Where are you located?

  • Our facilities are located just outside of Catawissa, PA. (Locally, however, we consider ourselves a Danville, PA company.)


Do you have a location where we can come see the dinosaurs?

  • Unfortunately, not yet! Although Pennsylvania Dinosaurs facilities are listed as Catawissa, PA, this is simply our holding facility for our dinosaurs. If you’d like to see our dinosaurs in person, you’ll have to rent them out for yourself or wait to see if they’ll be coming to a location near you.


What kind of company is Pennsylvania Dinosaurs?

  • Technically our official title is Pennsylvania Dinosaurs LLC: an entertainment business offering the rental and service of animatronic life-size walking dinosaurs and puppets, but you can just call us "PA Dinos" for short. We don't mind.  


How will I know if an event is public or private?

  • We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook if we have any public events and in what area they're in. If the event is private, we won't post about it until afterward.


Do you have a schedule? 

  • We try to keep our public schedule updated per month. If you’re looking for a public event to attend, just keep an eye out! If you’re looking for the availability of a particular dinosaur, please just contact us!


So you offer rentals and services?

  • Yes! We offer rentals of some select dinosaurs and also the service of our team with our dinosaurs.


What’s the difference between rentals or regular services?

  • Our “regular” service is Pennsylvania Dinosaurs traveling to your event with our crew and dinosaur(s) then handling the event fully through our company. (regular rate)


  • Our “rental” service is you as the client is taking responsibility for one of our dinosaurs. You as the client are responsible for the pickup, handling, performing, and returning of our dinosaur. (discounted rate, personal use only)


Do you offer delivery with rentals?

  • If we have a truck available than that can be an option for an additional cost.


Do you have merchandise?

  • Yes, we do! We will have an online store up and running very soon but until then we usually have merchandise with us at all public events! If you're not local or want something prior to our online store opening, please feel free to reach out to us!


How do I contact you?

  • Please email us at or call/text our owner Mackenzie Wertman @570-854-4618. Please always give as much information as possible including your location. This makes it easier for our team to give you an estimate as quickly as possible. (We ask for patience and allow 24 hours for response time.)


I want a particular dinosaur. Can I request it?

  •  You can request a particular dinosaur, however, we can't guarantee you'll always get your first choice. Our crew will review your request, as well as check your event. It just so happens that sometimes our dinosaurs' schedules don't always match up and the chosen performer can't perform per request. If this happens, we'll recommend the correct dinosaur for you. 


Where are your dinosaurs from?

  • All of our main lineup of dinosaurs were designed by our owner, Mackenzie K. Wertman. She designed them, had them made, and imported them into the country from China. Besides our main lineup, however, some of our dinosaurs were adopted from all across the country like Los Angeles, CA, Lake Dallas, TX, and Orlando, FL!


What do these dinosaurs do exactly?

  • Our dinosaurs are just that, dinosaurs! They offer an experience that was never before possible, to be as close to a living dinosaur as we could possibly get! They walk, they run, their tail swings, eyes blink, head moves, the mouth opens, and they even roar and growl. Some of our dinosaurs even have tongues that flop up and down! And some are even known to dance on occasion. 


How do the dinosaurs work?

  • The dinosaurs are considered animatronic costumes. Most of their components are robotic, but the dinosaur is, in fact, a costume that is worn by a performer and controlled from the inside.


How long can a performer wear the costume?

  • That time will vary on certain factors of the event and the chosen dinosaur. Please keep in mind, the weight of the costumes is between 50lbs – 100lbs and it gets hot inside quite quickly so it’s a lot of work for the fully dressed performers to bring these creatures to life. We estimate that our performers can stay in the dinosaur for at least an hour before needing a 15-20 minute break. But if this is a concern for you, please ask when receiving a quote so that a crew member can give you a more approximate number. 


How large are the dinosaurs? 

  • Our dinosaurs vary between 6-8 ft high, and 12-15ft long. 


Do the dinosaurs roar?

  • Yep! Our dinosaurs roar, bark, and even growl. Every dinosaur has a unique selection of sounds.  (However, our performers will turn the sound down or even completely off when interacting with nervous small children.)


Do you have baby dinosaurs?

  • Yes! We also have a selection of baby dinosaurs! (Puppets!)


I want a “trainer” or “baby dinosaur” at the event as well.

  • Great! Just let us know in your message to us! Usually, for certain events, one or both would be included anyways.


Can you do events in the rain?

  • We try to accommodate any and all events, however, our dinosaurs do not like the rain. 


What do you need to come to an event? 

  • Besides all the information that is needed to attend an event, we usually request a 42-45ft parking space for our truck and trailer. 


Do you travel to events?

  • Yes, we do travel to events depending on the client’s budget. Pennsylvania Dinosaurs has done events all through the Eastern United States and has even had events as far South as Florida and as North as Maine! (Canada too!) If you need us somewhere, we'll get there or find a connection that can!


What if I’m located too far away from your location to book an event?

  • We asked that you still contact us! Our crew LOVES to travel. We may still be able to travel to you if your budget allow. Plus, even if we can’t personally attend your event, we may be able to send another one of our partners! 


What kind of events do you do?

  • We do everything! Public events, corporate events, birthday parties, and much more! You name it, we can probably do it! (Please know there are certain rules if you contact us regarding making a “prank” or “Youtube” video.)


Do you have an educational program?

  • Yes! Pennsylvania Dinosaurs is proudly partnered with The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum to offer educational opportunities for children of all ages. We don’t just offer the chance for children to meet dinosaurs, but them to learn through hands-on activities and a speaker. (If you want a quote for an Educational program, please include your school, number of children, and age group.)


Do you have a location for rental?

  • Again, Pennsylvania Dinosaurs does not have a public facility, simply a holding facility for our dinosaurs to rest. However, if you’d like to rent out the birthday room at the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum for a party, a “Pennsylvania Dinosaur Birthday” can be added for an additional fee. 


How much is it to rent a dinosaur?

  • Please send us an email with details of your event, the location, and approximate the length of time. We will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. 


Can I add a “Jurassic Park Jeep” with my order?

  • This is an option, but if you want to add a Jurassic Park Jeep replica to your party we need to know far in advance so we can reach out to our partners for the additional rate. 


Is there a deposit required to book a dinosaur?

  • Yes. 

For our “regular service,” you may choose to pay in full or a 50% deposit is required to book a date. The other 50% is due 5 days before the event. The reservation deposit is applied to the total entertainment cost.


For our “rental service,” although it can vary upon which package you choose we require a $150 flat fee to save the date, then 100% upon pick up.  (Please note this rental fee listed is only for personal use and does not include commercial.)


What if I decide to cancel?

  • Deposits are non‐refundable; however, they are transferable based on availability. Refunds available for rainouts.


What if I miss my drop off time of a rental or need to extend my rental period?

  • Usually, this is not a huge issue but varies depending on the schedule of the given day. When you pick up the dinosaur from our location, you will be given a contact number of a crew member. This person will be your "go-to" for all questions, issues, or updates during your rental period with the dino. This means that if you need to extend your rental time or you have missed your agreed drop off time, you must contact your crew member. You will be charged accordingly and will be held responsible per contracted rental agreement.


What vehicle do I need to pick up a rental?

We suggest a 6' 6" truck bed or a trailer. If you didn't have either of these things, please contact the crew to see if your vehicle can fit our dinosaur.


What forms of payment do you receive?

  • We gladly accept company checks, cash, Venmo, and credit cards through Paypal. (However, if you pay by credit card through an app, please note that there will be a 3% increase so that we will receive the full amount.) 


Do you sell your dinosaur costumes?

  • No, our costumes are not for sale. If by chance, we sell one in the future, it will be to one of our fellow companies. 


What if my company wants a dinosaur for a long term event and it’s out of your area? 

  • Although we cannot guarantee availability for long term use. We will rent our dinosaurs “long-term” for commercial use only.  On estimate, shipping the 350 lbs flight case with the costume in the USA ranges between $500 – $3000 round trip. Please contact our team for daily rate and shipping costs, or any other additional information. 


Where are the links to your Facebook?


Who is the owner of Pennsylvania Dinosaurs? 

  • Twenty-six year old, Mackenize K. Wertman is the owner of Pennsylvania Dinosaurs. You can learn all about her and her other ventures at


I have another question, but it’s not listed here.

  • If you have another question that wasn’t listed here, please contact us directly! We’re happy to answer any and all questions.

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